Steps In Project Management

  • Project initiation

  • Project planning & scheduling

  • Project progress tracking & reporting

  • Project closure

Checking of Quantities, Billing & Payment

  • Actual Measurements of Quantities of materials and works by joint measurement
  • checking the specifications as per the B.O.Q., deriving the rates of Extra items.
  • Preparing running account bills and final bills as per accepted procedures in vogue recommending for recoveries and payments as per Contract Conditions & eligibility.

Project Scheduling & Reporting

  • Project Planning, Scheduling & Control Support
  • Project Timeliness monitoring and advising for corrective actions
  • Effective Project Management to limit the disputes and mitigate the Timelines & Cost overruns
  • Coordination of with various agencies, Vendors and site work
  • Progress monitoring and periodical review and Monthly Progress Reporting

Safety Measures

  • Implementation of Safety Code in respect of men, material, assets, machinery.
  • The arrangement of all necessary Safety accessories to safeguard the men, material, and assets at work.
  • fire protection arrangement etc.

Quality Control & Assurance

  • Checking of Quality of works, workmanship, finishing, material purchased, fabricated as per standards.
  • Reconciliation of Materials.
  • Ensuring Time, Quality, Cost in a proportionate manner & shall not overrun others.
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