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  • What differentiates us from other engineering services providers are our high integrity levels & multi-cultural mindset. We have high end IT infrastructure taking care of security, certified professionals, expertise in design as per national & international design codes & standards.

  • We have a good combination of engineers across multiple disciplines with significant experience in various industries, tools with good experience in working on international projects.

JJ Engineering Solutions

JJ Innovative Engineering Solution is a major technology, engineering, design & construction management with global operations. JJ Innovative Engineering Solution addresses critical needs in key sectors – Architectural / Civil / Structural, Piping, Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical, Instrumentation & Fire protection.

JJ Innovative Engineering Solution is engaged in core, high impact sectors of the economy and our integrated capabilities span the entire spectrum of ‘design to deliver’. We are here with strong, customer focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class quality.
We have unmatched expertise across technology, engineering services, detail engineering, construction, infrastructure projects, industrial projects. Every aspect of JJ Innovative Engineering business is characterised by professionalism and high standards of corporate governance.

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